What am I doing here?

To Consult in the InfoSphere

You need to be more than a specialist in a number of technical Information Technology topics.

Accordingly, I offer a Point Of View about life, business and culture as well as help with your Problems, Point Points, and Predicaments.

I Consult and help with Operations.  I both help you find a solution to a problem and if needed I may help you execute that solution.  This is sometimes called being a Virtual Assistant.

When I help solve a problem with advice, I can go a step further and coach you on setting up a timeline with specific time-limited steps to move to solving that problem.  In some cases, you may need to hire someone to execute those steps.

In some cases, I can be your Virtual Assistant in executing the steps to solve a particular problem.

Since no one is omnicompetent, I don’t claim I can solve ANY problem.

  • I can solve a number of small office/home office computer issues.
  • I am also interested in (and even may have some competence in) topics like
    • e-business
    • social media marketing
    • micro-entrepreneurship
    • copywriting
    • reporting about topics

I am perfectly willing to refer you to another in my network that specializes in solving your particular problem, predicament or pain point.

But first, you have to let me know you have a problem that you need help with.

Drop me a line at Tom (at) Galenson-Consulting.com or leave a message at 1 (dash) 785 (dash) 727 (dash) 5633

Tom Miller