Another interesting fact about Windows 10’s Edge web browser

Ever since I got my latest HP laptop I have been “playing” with both my favorite web browser (Chrome) and with Edge.

I have even imported my bookmarks into Edge’s favorite system.

  1. Some how because of the way Edge offers up it’s favorites, I have to get used to “doing it differently”.
  2. It certainly has a different “look and feel” from Chrome and the Chromebook I have.
  3. Edge is claimed to use 35% to 50% less power from my Laptop battery than Chrome.
    1. This got my attention.  It was in the help information provided by Microsoft.
    2. I am shooting to have at least 6 hours available on my Laptop battery.  I was getting 3 1/2 to maybe 4 hours even after I set the “Battery Saver” to start at 80% of my battery level and running the “Power Saver” plan.  I had also turned off a lot of “background” tasks to save cpu cycles.
    3. I discovered that I could track which applications were drawing the most power using settings -> system -> battery -> “battery usage by app”.  And Chrome was the “winner” at 35% of my battery.  So I went into Chrome’s settings and turned off the “run in the background when Chrome is closed” because I don’t need assorted background services from Chrome.
    4. I am now trying to get used to using Edge even though I am less than enthusiastic about the way it presents its Favorites.  I am used to being able to click on the bookmarks on the bar right below the search box/url box.
    5. I have been having trouble getting it to “open” links on pages.  I have to right click and select “new tab” to get it to open reliably.  I really would like to simply double click and be done with it.


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