Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistant

So what is a Virtual Assistant?

Let’s break it down a bit.   An Assistant as in an Administrative Assistant is someone you delegate tasks to that are of a fairly routine and/or straightforward nature.  This can include updating social media or your website with content as well as database management or filling out and sending a template e-mail in response to correspondence.  It can include providing front office Customer Service as well as back-office tasks.  It can include project management, scheduling trips and more.

But what if I have a home office and no room or even need for a fulltime Administrative Assistant?  This is where a Virtual Assistant comes in.  They work remotely from their own office providing you with as much or as little help as you specify.

So if you have a Problem, Predicament or Pain Point, after you have defined a solution, a VA (Virtual Assistant) may be the perfect company (aka team) or person to delegate the task(s) to.

After I help you figure out a solution to one of your 3 P’s (Problem, Predicament or Pain Point) you may decide you need me to execute the solution(s).  If I can’t, I will help you find a VA solution that can.


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